Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday - Feels like Monday

What with Monday being a public holiday, and Tuesday Damien taking as a flex day, it feels like a Monday today!

Got a few things accomplished this morning :) Just popped a Seed Slice Thingy in the oven, see Stacey's Blog for the recipe :) Will let you know how that tastes later. But it sure looks good!

I appear to be winnign the fight against the cold! WOOT!
Lauren has a nasty sounding cough, she isn't coughing much, but when she does it sounds horrid, but she is in good spirits and doesn't 'seem' sick, so I am just sticking to dosing her with Vit C and getting as much of this natural herbal cough syrup into her that I can (helps to heal not suppress)
She slept well last night, I put the vapouriser on, so that is good. The cough doesn't' seem to affect how she sleeps etc
Neither of us have snotty noses thank goodness.

Having to share my Mac with Damien at the moment as his PC died in the ass, not in a financial position to get him a new one just yet either. Kinda sucks lol

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Nic and Beren said...

Must be the season for coughs, my boy has one too. Hope Lauren's better soon. Oh and we have been sharing PCs for 6 months and it does suck !