Saturday, May 19, 2007


Gee I am so inventive with the titles aren't I!
Im tiiiiiired, bought some Thompsons Organic Iron today so fingers crossed that will help.
Did the groceries blissfully alone today, I'm liking this new thing of doing it by myself on the weekends, although muscles were hurting in my belly (im thinking round ligament) from walking around *sigh* As I was leaving noticed I had only been there for about 45min .. DAMMIT lol

So it kind of sucks sharing Betty with Damien, means that at night I don't get to spend any uninterrupted time on her. During the day sure I get moments here & there, but its never uninterrupted, so scrapping is impossible, so is playing sims or watching TV episodes really! I used to do that stuff at night time! Once we get homeloan organised, we can get damiens new PC AND my DSLR *drool* Cannot wait!!

ok wet girl just out of the bath, time to get her dried, in pjs, teeth done, story time ... and sleeeeep
I do have a book or three to read, so thats something :)


anastasia_wolf said...

Oh sharing a puter SUCKS, we harassed each other for it all the time LOL.

Yay to iron too, I hope it helps!!

Nic and Beren said...

Shopping alone is fun these days for me too. Enjoy your books :-)