Monday, February 27, 2006

Were I am At

I was in a bit of mopey/sad mood last night.
AF arrived only 4 days after ovulating, which means my luteal phase is shot to hell, which means I need a bit of help to conceive.

I was sitting on the loo last night, moping about the blood I was wiping away when I thought to myself, you have a choice, you can mope around and be sad at the lost opportunity, or you can enjoy your time with Lauren and do something about helping your body out.

So I chose the latter. Although I needed to grieve the lost opportunity, being all sad and mopey about wasn't helping anyone :)

So I am ordering some Vitex today to see if that helps lengthen the luteal phase, I would love to go to a naturopath but I really can't afford it :( Vitex is only $12 for 60 capsules

Im not sure I want a december baby either, so next cycle can be just to get it back on track (although it can take 3-6 months(if not longer)) I think I will also go get some blood tests to check hormone levels.

So thats me. Well part of me.
My daughter is continuing to amaze me every day, with both her actions and her words, I swear at least 2 new words a day :) I love her.

Here is a LO I did yesterday, an action shot hehe

Sunday, February 12, 2006

First of Many

Knitting disaster that is, something has gone wrong with it ... not entirely sure what lol
I might have to get mum to have a look at it....

Its that bad, I need a knitting genie.

ETA: I worked it out, I had stopped halfway through a row because of a poo incident (ie Lauren had no nappy on ...) obviously when I picked it back up I switched the needles around, its the only thing I can think of... I *think* I know how to fix it, might ring mum though hehe

Teaching Myself to Knit

Well mum taught me the basics a few months ago, I picked up some needles today and some acrylic wool.
I can cast on, and knit rows woohoooo

I am going to go up to spotlight get some funky yarn and attempt to do this

dun dun!

Will update on progress hehe

Monday, February 06, 2006


I am now running Linux, well to be more precise htttp://

Its so pretty ;)

I still have xp installed as I cannot play Sims2 on linux, and I will go back to xp to do some things.

I have been wanting to play with it for a while, as Microsoft suck, and well Linux is free and open source and not Microsoft. The cincher for me was that Microsoft are not letting you do windows updates unless you have a valid key, and ...

Ubuntu has pretty much everything I need already installed, installing things is .. interesting, going to take a while to learn how to do it all, but its something I want to do.

Has some funky games, even has tetris, zomg thats a sure way to waste time (like I need help with that anyway)

Not entirely sure where this post has gone, kinda turned into a rambly ramble :P

The other day did get better, but saturday night sucked. AH well, the joys of parenting.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Things can only get better

What a way to start the day, a yelling upset Princess Lauren, a yelling upset Queen Mummy, recipe for disaster.
In rides King Daddy to the rescue upon his shiny white stallion. King Daddy gets the princess' breakfast, while mummy bangs and clangs and does the dishes.

Queen Mummy still feels meh meh meh, but at least the dishes are done, also wishes that King Daddy could be home all day to distract Princess Lauren, at least we have a spaghetti date.

Today WILL get better.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Slack slackety slack slack

Thats me, the big slack bum.
I achieved pretty much none of my goals for yesterday, oh well.
Have put a couple of loads of washing on today, and started to tidy the kitchen bench, I hoard sto much stuff, I really need to give the whole house a declutter, I have crap EVERYWHERE, every space I can possibly find is crammed with .. stuff ..

Lauren was in a really cranky mood yesterday, so I spent most of the day trying to escape her .. isnt that terrible.

Looks like today is going to be a similar day. Will try and get out this afternoon.

Well she is calling me, so cant finish this post.