Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Cause I did hardly anything yesterday, I am going to try and do some stuff today :)

I have already made some choc chip cookies, how domestic of me :o

Next step, put some washing on :) Lauren can play outside while I do it.

  • General tidy up (floor in study, nursery, lounge, kitchen bench, dining table)
  • Unpack bags
  • PUt some washing on
  • Do some baking, muffins and cookies

Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday's Must Do List

Alrighty, after a weekend away (staying with the ILs) I need to do some more housework, although because I did most of it on Friday its not too bad.

  • General tidy up (floor in study, nursery, lounge, kitchen bench, dining table)
  • Vacumn lounge again
  • Unpack bags
  • PUt some washing on
  • Go get some groceries
  • Do some baking, muffins and cookies
  • Customise blog layout
I reckon that'll do me. Got a quick photo from the weekend, we went to the beach (mooloolaba) at 7.30 sunday morning, Lauren went out in the water, and despite this photo, she apparently had a ball *lol*

Friday, January 27, 2006

My Must do List

  • tidy kitchen ie wash dishes, wipe down bench
  • vacumn lounge/kitchen/dining
  • vacumn 'nursery'
  • vacumn study
  • vacumn bathrooms
  • mop kitchen/dining
  • mop hall/bathrooms
  • put all clean washing away and tidy up study, ie so I can see the floor
  • hang out nappieswell sort of, does putting in dryer count?, put another load of washing on
ETA: WOOOHOOO!! I did it :D

Our time away

was wonderful :) Lauren & I spent sun/mon/tues down the coast with stacey, jake & Kira. the girls had a ball, and it was soo soo nice to spend time with stacey, to catch up, to talk, to just be :)

a quick disclaimer, the right hand shift key on my keyboard doesnt work, so some words will have capital letters, some won't, its mighty annoying. My questions marks will be / sometimes, and my exclamation marks will be 1

I have lots of housework to do today, and after this post I will do myself up a list like Leah does, so you can all hold me accountable for it :)

we are going up the coast this weekend to stay with the ILs, they haven't seen Lauren for a while, and damien & I are hoping we can get out to a movie on saturday afternoon and they can look after Lauren, we'll see how Lauren goes :) I can hear suspicious noises coming from down inthe lounge room, I better investigate.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Last few days

Gah! I started typing up a post and then went all meh *lol*
I think I will have a shower and then maybe try and update.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I have no willpower

Why can I not resist icecream? Its not even midday and I have already had a bowl!
I just love it so, but my body doesnt, always get a phelmgy feeling chest afterwards.

Nucking futs.

So another weekend over, Damien & I left Lauren with my mum for 2.5hoursish to go and see Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire .. FINALLY... I am a big harry potter fan, and its only just now that we have been ablet to go and see it. It was ok, kinda sucky how much had to be cut from the book but you get that, some of the scenes rocked though.

Lauren was fine, had a ball with Nana :) So yay we have told her we will enlist babysitting services again, we went in the afternoon because Lauren needs me to go to sleep, it was the first time we have gone out since she was born.

Have this anecdote to share :)

Not long after we left Lauren was standing in front of mum doing her "Im doing a poo" face, Mum asked if she wanted to do a poo in the potty, Lauren stopped, thought for a second, said "Oh!" and walked over to the potty.

She started backing up and was trying to sit on it with her nappy on (hehe) Mum stopped her and took the nappy off (had a bit of poo in it but she had obviously stopped when mum suggested potty), she sat on the potty and did a big poo!! When she had finished she hopped off, pointed at the potty and said "Pooos"

Although ...

When mum was putting the poo in the toilet from the potty, Lauren was standing behind her nappyless and did a wee on the tiles lol

I am not 'training' her as such, just giving her the option of sitting on toilet/potty, getting her used to it :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

She's so lovely

Took some beautiful photos in the park yesterday, they are so different to Laurens usual big cheesy grin, they are much quieter :)
I did a quick digi scrapbook with one, but I think the ribbon thingys might be a bit much (down the sides) Its using Kates scrumptious kit found here.

Another photo :) I think her cheeks look extra chubby hehe

Thursday, January 12, 2006


So very bleh today.
The house is a pigsty and I know I will feel better once it is all cleaned up but meh

I also know that this is because AF is just around the corner, but really how much better will I feel about myself once everything is tidied up, I say I put on some loud bopping music and get to cleaning! My inner cheerleader is egging me on, but my outer me is finding it hard to get motivated. Lauren has completely trashed this room its horrid. Gah!

Ok getting off chair now, ooh on a side note I bought some of Kate's stuff from here can't wait to get to scrapping with it :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Too Darn Fast

Miss L is growing up so fast, I feel like if I blink I will miss it :(
She comes out with new words, or strings new words together every day.
We were coming home from the shops yesterday, pulled into the garage and she is sitting in the back nodding her head and saying "ome, ome" took me a few seconds to work out she was saying "Home" I damn near cried! Big sooky mama.

She is such a delight, mostly, sleep is still sometimes an issue and I really dont like that it *is* an issue. It usually only an issue when I am all hormonal, and although I can see the signs I just can't stop it coming along, oh well.

Off to pick up a couple of hundred photos from our holiday from being printed today :) Am excited, going to get an album and everything (am in the process of doing an album for Lauren, its nice to have photos in their physical form, I hardly ever look at photos of Lauren on the pc, and she has changed so much)

Well enough drivel from me :) Must get a wriggle on

Monday, January 09, 2006

Digi Fun

I have been having fun playing with photos in photoshop :)
I hope to one day have the creativity to make my own pretty patterned papers, I guess if I stick with it I will. Its pretty basic, but its fun to do :)

I have put some of the others ones I have done up here


its so much fun and so addictive :D

Just added this other one :) I need some funky embellishments I think, although I do like the simple, clean kinda look.

To Mop

To Mop I require Miss L to go to sleep, I am hoping it happens some time soon.
I have a friend, well almost friend, friend of a friend, coming to look at some TotsBots covers that I am wanting to sell, her boy is rather big so hoping they fit him.

Despite not going to sleep till after 9pm last night, Miss L was still up with the sparrows, whats with that?! Actually I know, she had a poo, ah the joys :)

Well Miss L is standing at the door, whinging and rubbing her eyes, nap time here we come ! Hurrah!

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Yes I am a sheep :)
I already have a livejournal and don't post in that, but have been reading Kate's Picklebum blog, then saw Kate & Leah also have them I have to join in :)

Going to have a play and put a custom banner up the top.

The title of my blog came from one of Laurens favourite books "Noisy Hippo".
I tried my usual JustDee but no joy.

We had a big day today, went out to an island called Coochimudlo island, west of Brisbane. The weather was pretty damn awful, rainy etc, but it cleared up a bit and we were able to enjoy it. Lauren had blast! Running around in the sand, paddling in the water :) We should do it more often. Its nice to get away from the pcs and enjoy the fresh air.

Damien is back to work tomorrow, has been on holidays. On one hand I am going to miss having him around (as is Lauren) on the other hand I think we have seen too much of each other lol have started the last few days snapping at each other which sucks.

It doesnt help that I am pretty sure I am pre-menstrual, which sucks as well, sigh c'mon little baby out there you know my womb is nice and comfy! I promise you lots of breastmilk when you arrive and snuggly cuddles!

Ok I must be tired, will fiddle with banner then its beddybye time I think.