Sunday, January 08, 2006


Yes I am a sheep :)
I already have a livejournal and don't post in that, but have been reading Kate's Picklebum blog, then saw Kate & Leah also have them I have to join in :)

Going to have a play and put a custom banner up the top.

The title of my blog came from one of Laurens favourite books "Noisy Hippo".
I tried my usual JustDee but no joy.

We had a big day today, went out to an island called Coochimudlo island, west of Brisbane. The weather was pretty damn awful, rainy etc, but it cleared up a bit and we were able to enjoy it. Lauren had blast! Running around in the sand, paddling in the water :) We should do it more often. Its nice to get away from the pcs and enjoy the fresh air.

Damien is back to work tomorrow, has been on holidays. On one hand I am going to miss having him around (as is Lauren) on the other hand I think we have seen too much of each other lol have started the last few days snapping at each other which sucks.

It doesnt help that I am pretty sure I am pre-menstrual, which sucks as well, sigh c'mon little baby out there you know my womb is nice and comfy! I promise you lots of breastmilk when you arrive and snuggly cuddles!

Ok I must be tired, will fiddle with banner then its beddybye time I think.

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katef said...

yipee! welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!