Friday, January 27, 2006

My Must do List

  • tidy kitchen ie wash dishes, wipe down bench
  • vacumn lounge/kitchen/dining
  • vacumn 'nursery'
  • vacumn study
  • vacumn bathrooms
  • mop kitchen/dining
  • mop hall/bathrooms
  • put all clean washing away and tidy up study, ie so I can see the floor
  • hang out nappieswell sort of, does putting in dryer count?, put another load of washing on
ETA: WOOOHOOO!! I did it :D


katef said...

oh you did damn well with your 'to do' list... I am too scared to type out mine as I know I won;t get any of it done!

_Dee_ said...

It helped motivate me hehe, I would feel bad if I didnt do it all *lol*

am yet to do kitchen though, might tackle that now :)

Leah said...

great effort!!! you do better than my list LOL

Sif said...

Wow, excellent effort! (how do you do that think with the lines through the words? maybe I'd get more done if I could do that, LOL)