Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday's Must Do List

Alrighty, after a weekend away (staying with the ILs) I need to do some more housework, although because I did most of it on Friday its not too bad.

  • General tidy up (floor in study, nursery, lounge, kitchen bench, dining table)
  • Vacumn lounge again
  • Unpack bags
  • PUt some washing on
  • Go get some groceries
  • Do some baking, muffins and cookies
  • Customise blog layout
I reckon that'll do me. Got a quick photo from the weekend, we went to the beach (mooloolaba) at 7.30 sunday morning, Lauren went out in the water, and despite this photo, she apparently had a ball *lol*


katef said...

oh that is an awesome photo!!!!
And boy you make me feel bad about my lack of housekeeping... mind you we are not at home so I can't feel too bad!

anastasia_wolf said...

oh geez that photo scares ME! ROFL!! I'm such a beack wuss...

You have gotta stop putting us al to shame on the domestic front Dee! (She swept floors while staying with me! LOL!)

_Dee_ said...

well as you can see I have done bugger all today1

I intend to get stuck in soon ... I really do ...

HipbubbyMama said...

God that is a STUNNING photo! I can almost feel the spray on my face. Makes me wanna dive right into the monitor rofl :D

Sif said...

Excellent photo! And I still want to know how you do that strike through thing on your lists!