Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Too Darn Fast

Miss L is growing up so fast, I feel like if I blink I will miss it :(
She comes out with new words, or strings new words together every day.
We were coming home from the shops yesterday, pulled into the garage and she is sitting in the back nodding her head and saying "ome, ome" took me a few seconds to work out she was saying "Home" I damn near cried! Big sooky mama.

She is such a delight, mostly, sleep is still sometimes an issue and I really dont like that it *is* an issue. It usually only an issue when I am all hormonal, and although I can see the signs I just can't stop it coming along, oh well.

Off to pick up a couple of hundred photos from our holiday from being printed today :) Am excited, going to get an album and everything (am in the process of doing an album for Lauren, its nice to have photos in their physical form, I hardly ever look at photos of Lauren on the pc, and she has changed so much)

Well enough drivel from me :) Must get a wriggle on

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