Monday, January 16, 2006

I have no willpower

Why can I not resist icecream? Its not even midday and I have already had a bowl!
I just love it so, but my body doesnt, always get a phelmgy feeling chest afterwards.

Nucking futs.

So another weekend over, Damien & I left Lauren with my mum for 2.5hoursish to go and see Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire .. FINALLY... I am a big harry potter fan, and its only just now that we have been ablet to go and see it. It was ok, kinda sucky how much had to be cut from the book but you get that, some of the scenes rocked though.

Lauren was fine, had a ball with Nana :) So yay we have told her we will enlist babysitting services again, we went in the afternoon because Lauren needs me to go to sleep, it was the first time we have gone out since she was born.

Have this anecdote to share :)

Not long after we left Lauren was standing in front of mum doing her "Im doing a poo" face, Mum asked if she wanted to do a poo in the potty, Lauren stopped, thought for a second, said "Oh!" and walked over to the potty.

She started backing up and was trying to sit on it with her nappy on (hehe) Mum stopped her and took the nappy off (had a bit of poo in it but she had obviously stopped when mum suggested potty), she sat on the potty and did a big poo!! When she had finished she hopped off, pointed at the potty and said "Pooos"

Although ...

When mum was putting the poo in the toilet from the potty, Lauren was standing behind her nappyless and did a wee on the tiles lol

I am not 'training' her as such, just giving her the option of sitting on toilet/potty, getting her used to it :)

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Sif said...

Ooooh, hi Dee, LOVE your blog! Wow, so cool about Lauren and the potty - giving kids options in not a bad thing at all! I mean who wants to walk around with poo stuck to the toush - even for a minute - if they have options!