Sunday, May 28, 2006

Could you would you in a boat?

The title has no relevance to anything really.

Lauren has a bit of a cold and is teething at the moment (only 2 more teeth to go) so she is a bit .. trying .. at the moment. She (& I) were awake from 3.30 for about an hour this morning, she boobied for a while, but then was tossing and turning, not upset just restless, eventually rolled away and went to sleep, but I felt like absolute crap this morning.

But today has been good, yesterday we were crap parents, spent nearly all day on computer, Lauren entertained herself for the most part and watched too much Shrek. But today was different, neither of us turned out pcs on till she had gone down for her nap, we played, we danced, went out for breakfast (which was a disaster cause she was super cranky) did heaps of housework, so yeah , good day :)

Shock of all shocks .. NO TV today!! Well she watched the AFL with Damien (Go the Lions) but NO Shrek, as Lauren would say .. wow amazing.

She is such an amazing girl, a real parrot :) Love her speech, love that she can communicate mostly clearly with us :)

Now for some photos :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Makes me so cross!!

I would love to let Lauren run around the park with no shoes on.
I wish that I didnt have to make her wear shoes.
I have already found glass in the park directly opposite our place, today we went to the park on the other side, found 2 broken beer bottles right near the childrens play equipment!
Makes me so damn angry!!! I cleared up as much of it as I could, what if a child was running around with no shoes on!! GRRRR!!!

On a funnier note, Lauren 'helped' me make brownies this afternoon, she helped stir, and all the way through kept asking "eat it?" but I said not yet itll be yucky, but right when it was all mixed up and ready to go into the tin thingy, I relented.
Here is the outcome *lol*

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Some LO's

Been busy today :)


Mindy Terasawa: "Thank Heaven" & "Beautiful Me" @
Shabby Shoppe: "Shabby Stitches"
Christine Smith: "Sanded Overlay" @

Font: Cygnet Round

Scraplifted from Dagmar's LO here

Mindy Terasawa's "Thank Heaven" @
Christine Smith "Inked Overlay" @

Font: Henry Morgan Hand

Special thanks: Tina Parkers "Warm B&W" Action

Shabby Shoppe “Lavender Mint Tea”& “Shabby Stitches”
Manda Bean “Aged Polaroid Alpha” @

Font: Kayleigh

Special Thanks: Tina Parker's "Pastel Vibe" action

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tired & Snappy

Evil Mummy From Hell today.
Well maybe not that bad, but snappy :(
Might have a nice hot shower while Damien is bathing Lauren.
And just cause she is cute and I *do* love her.

Friday, May 19, 2006

A New Leaf

I am turning over the proverbial leaf.
Usually this time sucker upper (aka PC) gets turned on as soon as I wake up, I am down here with my coffee catching up on stuff, and then the rest of the day I sit with my big fat bum wasting time.
No more!

This PC is not going to go on before Lauren goes down for her nap.
I am going to write up a list of things that need to be done each day & each week, and I am going to stick to it dammit. I am sick of living in a messy house with crap everywhere, I drags me down, and I believe my lack of willpower and this bloody time sucker are to blame.

So today it didnt go on till about 10.30 (mum was here and I needed to print something for her) Its only now that I have actually sat down properly to do something, but my house is tidy, I vacumned, did a general tidy up of every room and it feels damn good.

So now all I need to do is over the weekend do a big clean, and then maintain it.

Going to buy some storage containers and other things to organise .. stuff, I want this place semi-organised.

So a trip to Ikea is in store I think.

SO yay for me, lets hope I can keep it up!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tired & Cranky

Gah! I have been so snappy at Lauren today.
Just feeling very short tempered.

Damien is getting her bath ready, but I still have to be paying attention because he isnt.
I need this time to myself so that I can be ok when its time to get her to sleep, the last two nights have been battles, and last night I fell asleep with her, I was so pissed off because that time took away from my 'me' time, and also meant that it took AGES for me to go to sleep last night.

*whinge whinge whinge complain complain*

Photo taken of Lauren today, I said to her "Can I take your photo 'cause you look really cute" she responded "NO Cute, NO photo" and thats what I captured hehe, photo fiddled with in photoshop :)

Layout I did today of my friends bubba when he was 3days old

Papers: Shabby Princess "Blueberry Cobbler", Shabby Stitches, Dani Mogstad "Basic Chipboard Alpha" (freebie)
Font: Courier New
Special Thanks: Tina Parker's Actions: "Soft'n'Warm B&W" and "Pastel Vibe"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Welcome Lara & Jade

Much excitement, MIL rang this morning Damiens 'aunt' (his uncles partner) gave birth to twin girls last night.

VAGINALLY!!! :D :D :D :D I am so happy for her, I know how much she wanted that to happen.

Lara Regina & Jade Elizabeth, 7lb & 6lb something

Jade was breech so is a little bruised, swallowed a bit of fluid but everything is ok now.
I am so damn excited for them!! :D :D :D

What a great way to start the day!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In my sleep?

So Lauren was asleep in her Big Girls Bed at 7pm, woke at 10something.

Damien & I went to bed at 11something ...

At 2am I wake up ... in Laurens bed!! WHAT THE??? No recollection at all of getting there lol

She woke at 4ish and I brought her back to the Family Bed.

Crazy. So I feel like shite this morning, hehe.

Monday, May 08, 2006


My poor blog has totally been neglected.
I haven't even been keeping up with everyone elses blogs *gasp*
Im so slack.

I have been scrapping madly though!
Finished this for mothers day, going to make a mini album.
Credit: Minda Terasawa's "Sonoran Sunrise" @

Also here and here and here and here

*phew* hehe

In other news, Lauren has a Big Girls Bed, although don't expect her to stay in it all night, just easing her into it :)

She also has 2 '2 yr molars' comign through, well one has just broken through the other is bulging, after the bulging one has come through, only one to go and she is all finished! :D (well until the other ones come in but I don't remember those hurting)

Well thats enough drivel for one night.
Berry tired.