Sunday, May 28, 2006

Could you would you in a boat?

The title has no relevance to anything really.

Lauren has a bit of a cold and is teething at the moment (only 2 more teeth to go) so she is a bit .. trying .. at the moment. She (& I) were awake from 3.30 for about an hour this morning, she boobied for a while, but then was tossing and turning, not upset just restless, eventually rolled away and went to sleep, but I felt like absolute crap this morning.

But today has been good, yesterday we were crap parents, spent nearly all day on computer, Lauren entertained herself for the most part and watched too much Shrek. But today was different, neither of us turned out pcs on till she had gone down for her nap, we played, we danced, went out for breakfast (which was a disaster cause she was super cranky) did heaps of housework, so yeah , good day :)

Shock of all shocks .. NO TV today!! Well she watched the AFL with Damien (Go the Lions) but NO Shrek, as Lauren would say .. wow amazing.

She is such an amazing girl, a real parrot :) Love her speech, love that she can communicate mostly clearly with us :)

Now for some photos :)


Nic and Beren said...

Shes a gorgeous girl. Beren loves Shrek as well, and watches far too much tv.

Lis said...

Lauren is just soooo adorable!!!
Hope she settles down again for you soon :)

Lanne said...

I just found your blog..

how super cute is she! Love her kooky eye brows and funny faces!

anastasia_wolf said...

Gorgeous photos!!!