Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tired & Cranky

Gah! I have been so snappy at Lauren today.
Just feeling very short tempered.

Damien is getting her bath ready, but I still have to be paying attention because he isnt.
I need this time to myself so that I can be ok when its time to get her to sleep, the last two nights have been battles, and last night I fell asleep with her, I was so pissed off because that time took away from my 'me' time, and also meant that it took AGES for me to go to sleep last night.

*whinge whinge whinge complain complain*

Photo taken of Lauren today, I said to her "Can I take your photo 'cause you look really cute" she responded "NO Cute, NO photo" and thats what I captured hehe, photo fiddled with in photoshop :)

Layout I did today of my friends bubba when he was 3days old

Papers: Shabby Princess "Blueberry Cobbler", Shabby Stitches, Dani Mogstad "Basic Chipboard Alpha" (freebie)
Font: Courier New
Special Thanks: Tina Parker's Actions: "Soft'n'Warm B&W" and "Pastel Vibe"


anastasia_wolf said...

Hehehe "no cute no photo" that IS cute. :D *hugs* for the rest.

fazzbech said...

Hope by now you've finally got some 'you' time :o)

Gorgeous pic and layout! Just beautiful!