Thursday, September 27, 2007

An update!

Ok lets start with Lauren.
Hmmm .. she is struggling with sharing me. I am managing to have some one on one time with her, every night we have a shower together, and I read her stories and give her a foot massage with oil to help her off to sleep, oh and sing to her. THis is helping me as much as it helps her, I am feeling some awful guilt for being responsible for Anya taking me away from her. She begs me not to bring Anya in when she is upset, ie when I am reading a story I have to sometimes put Anya n the boob between us, once she is there Lauren is fine about it, but before hand she begs me not to, breaks my heart.
As soon as I start feeding Anya Lauren starts acting up, I can understand it but gawd its frustrating!! She loves Anya to bits but tends to smother her a bit. I am hoping that once Damien goes back to work, and things start settling back to 'normal' she may also settle down but mostly I think its time that will help. She starts off the night in her bed but usually ends up with us in the middle of the night, just climbs into the bed and zonks out. Yesterday she didnt come in till 5am though.

Apart from the Anya related stuff she is going really well :) Going to start her up in FDC soon and then 2009 put her in kindy. She just loves being around kids. MIL is spending some time down here in a new house they bought (FIL working out at amberley airforce base so he stays there during the week and BIL is livin there as well) and today Lauren went over there for the day, gives us a break and also gives Lauren a day of being centre of attention, nevermind that she comes back super grumpy lol, she often spend a day out at my mums too, she loves it at both places and never wants to leave.
She tells the funniest stories, and sings such beautiful songs (think cat with tail trod on) but she so loves to sing (la la la la la) and often gives a big bow at the end and says .. "clap!" she is a real actor and show off just like her father
Dreading a little how I am going to juggle both children once Damien goes back to work, but hoping it will all just work out. Not like she lets Damien do much for her anyway! Love her to bits but its hard work having a threenanger around!

Onto Miss Anya. Ah a delight Had a bit of an unsettled day today and yesterday, lots of boob, but think its just one of those 'growth spurts'. She sleeps so much better and easier than Lauren did. Damien actually put her to sleep a couple of times yesterday, rocking her to youtube performances of Neil Diamond & Bruce Springsteen *giggle*. Not a very smiley bub yet, quite a serious wee thing. I have had a couple of smiles, but I think she is going to reseve her smiles for when she really means it. Not entirely sure how much she weighs, bought some scales at Ikea the other day, weighed myself (need to start exercising ;)) and weighed me holding her, I *think* she is around 4kg, she was 3.45 born so assuming she lost some weight in the first few days after the birth ... she has def put on though. Not concerned of course. She looks a heap chubbier than Lauren did, I think. Will have to do some comparing of photos :) She doesn't have any unsettled periods during the night, wakes a couple of times for a feed (and a nappy change) and then I just lay back down with her and she goes off to sleep on the boob, and I usually go back to sleep too .. often waking up with my boob under her head and an nice wet patch of milk hehe, oh milk!! I actually leak on occasion when feeding, I never had that with Lauren!! Feeding is sooooo much easier this time around, she attached herself to the boob after she was born and its been soo easy since then! Been feeding her laying down since the first night, was ages before I did that with Lauren. I had a couple of grazes/blood blisters on my nipples in the first couple of days but they healed quickly and have had no issues since then! I am also doing a bit of Elimination Communication with her, catching most of her poos in Laurens toy doll potty that she never uses. SHe is still in nappies, but if I can read her signs properly can get her nappy off and her onto the potty to wee/poo. Umm can't think of anything else to update! Any questions? lol

Some photos of my chubba and more @

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Family of Four

Well most of you probably already know the news, considering Anya is now 5 days old hehe

Life is good, things are going along well :) Could do with more sleep, but that was always on the cards.
Anya is such a placcid, laid back bubba, has taken to the breast really well, and is generally easy going :)
Lauren simply adores her sister, kisses her at every opportunity and is always asking for cuddles.

Photos are up at

But here are two of Anya asleep in Damiens arms while he plays WoW hehe