Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mind Willing - Motivation Lacking

SO I have had a few chats to a super organise friend (;) ) and am so super excited about getting my place organised... but I am yet to start, crappy days and then busy days and I feel it all slipping out of my grasp.

Before I can begin to set any sort of storage/tidying system in place I need to a big sort/throw out of the wardrobes.. There are two double door built in robes in Laurens playroom, one has shelves, the other has 'space' One side has clothes in a tall boy & boxes and board games, the other side has books and umpteen boxes filled with 'stuff'. The built-in in Laurens room has a dresser with her clothes in it and a few computer towers, and up above has umpteen computer bits and pieces

The robe in the bedroom has baby clothes in it that has been outgrown by anya, and stuff she is yet to grow into.

All of these robes need organising, but one at a time ...
SO tomorrow afternoon I am going to attack the 'clothes' side of the built-ins in the playroom, give away all the clothes I have not worn in ages and am not likely to wear, and fold neatly and put away the ones I will wear in winter, also sort out the boxes that are on that side.

My super-organised friend has some great ideas and I am probably going to enlist her help to implement them (a trip to Ikea is on the cards ;)) once I have sorted both sides of that wardrobe out (and the other two) I will then work out what storage (boxes etc) I need for what is left. SO excited at the thought of everything being neat & orderly, I know it won't always look like that, but if everything has a proper easily accessible home then maintaining that *should* be easier, and if I have less stuff there is less stuff to put away!

So I am very excited, can't wait to get stuck in ... but its that first step that is evasive atm

Monday, January 28, 2008

Call me Martha?

I am so tired after a big day, and I don't even know where to begin..

I am feeling very lost atm, well I don't even know if that word is the right one .. unfulfilled! There thats a better one.

I want more from my life, and I know with some perseverance I can get it.
Now I am not talking about a job, or something external from my home, I want my home to be tidy, warm, loving, I want to put good food on the table, I want to work on my sewing skills so I can sew clothes for the girls, for myself, cushion covers for the home, etc etc etc

I want to have a Martha Stewart makeover hehe

For the next however many years I am committed to raising my children, to providing a cosy, loving livable home environment for my family, being a homemaker is what I am, is what I will do till I once again seek work outside of the home. I am making the decision now to give it my all, really work hard, have pride in my home, have pride in my role as homemaker.

To achieve this is going to be hard work. I need to completely reorganise myself and my home. Need to change my approach to everything, but I can do it. Going to need a BIG kick up the bum, but I owe it to myself, to my children, to my husband to do this.

But for now .. I sleep

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blue eyes

Blue eyes
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These eyes turn me into a puddle of goo regularly!

Natural Lauren

Natural Lauren
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I was so stoked to get this photo for once she is not hamming it up!!

Also testing the ability to post to my blog from flickr ;)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Why do I struggle?

To keep my house tidy & clean??
When other people make it look so easy, and have such tidy neat houses. Now I am not wanting my house to be magazine pristine, but tidy, clutter free. I want my house to look lived in, but not messy lived in.

So why do I find it so hard? I will be on top of things and then in the space of a day it all goes to shit again and I have to start over. My good intentions of doing the 'speedcleaning' a room a day thing did not work, I lost it after tuesday. I really do want a tidy house, but struggle in the actual doing of it... maybe I should keep my pc off until Midday? I wonder if that would help, it surely is a timesucker.

I am DETERMINED to keep this house looking good. I guess I need to put some routines in place to help with this. Hrmmmmmmm

Saturday, January 05, 2008

First time on the swing

She wasn't too impressed hehe
But I did get a couple of good shots :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

8 Things

Stolen from a forum :)

8 aims I have for this year:
In no particular order

1 - Provide a clean/tidy house for my family
2 - Become more aware of my purchases/actions and how they affect the rest of the world and her people
3 - Cut down on the plastics in the kitchen replacing with glass/stainless steel/wood/bamboo products
4 - Buy more things second hand
5 - Declutter the house
6 - Read more, learn more.
7 - Work on improving my fitness and wellbeing
8 - Laugh more, love more

and some cuteness