Monday, January 14, 2008

Why do I struggle?

To keep my house tidy & clean??
When other people make it look so easy, and have such tidy neat houses. Now I am not wanting my house to be magazine pristine, but tidy, clutter free. I want my house to look lived in, but not messy lived in.

So why do I find it so hard? I will be on top of things and then in the space of a day it all goes to shit again and I have to start over. My good intentions of doing the 'speedcleaning' a room a day thing did not work, I lost it after tuesday. I really do want a tidy house, but struggle in the actual doing of it... maybe I should keep my pc off until Midday? I wonder if that would help, it surely is a timesucker.

I am DETERMINED to keep this house looking good. I guess I need to put some routines in place to help with this. Hrmmmmmmm


katef said...

which other people????
Other people who make it look easy and who have a clean house are faking it I reckon... it is never 'easy'. just maybe easier if you have no kids, no 'stuff' and loads of storage space. One day I aspire to be one of those people with a tidy house and HUGE cupboards stuffed with crap! LOL

Leah said...

Hey, you aren't alone - I'd be horrified if all but about 3 people walked into my house atm! And I went off shoe shopping and am now sitting on my butt instead of getting to it - no baby slowing me down either LOL

PC off definitely does help. When I take a one or two day break, house is much cleaner. But then my social interaction goes waaay down!

Bec said...

Yeah - I'm one of those 'fakers' lol. Knowing someone is coming over is really the only way I get motivated enough to get the house really clean and tidy - and even then, you REALLY don't want to look into my cupboards :P

And god help anyone who pops in unexpectedly - they could come across any sort of bomb site!!!

Good luck with it!!

Jodie said...

OOOh another faker here lol! Some days I do okay, but most days it looks like a bomb has hit it. I think less stuff is the answer for us,

Rachael said...

Hope today's a better day xx

Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Because you have two children. Thats my excuse anyway.

Im just hoping that once they grow a bit more then I can be clean again, till then it is going to be a bit feral.

Ann-Marie said...

LOL I must admit I adore reading your blog because you sound a lot like me!! It is so nice to know that there are people like me out there!!!
Less stuff - less clutter and less PC time = less clutter;) If you find an easy answer blog about it and let me know too ROFL!!!!