Tuesday, January 01, 2008

8 Things

Stolen from a forum :)

8 aims I have for this year:
In no particular order

1 - Provide a clean/tidy house for my family
2 - Become more aware of my purchases/actions and how they affect the rest of the world and her people
3 - Cut down on the plastics in the kitchen replacing with glass/stainless steel/wood/bamboo products
4 - Buy more things second hand
5 - Declutter the house
6 - Read more, learn more.
7 - Work on improving my fitness and wellbeing
8 - Laugh more, love more

and some cuteness


Rachael said...

Cuteness +++

2008 is going to be an awesome year and your 8 Things look great!

Will try to be less of an enabler to you ;)

lanne said...

gosh I hope that very cute very pretty baby is a 00..LOL

love the haircut and really admire your list.

Leah said...

Oooh very cute :) List of aims sound joyful too :)

Bec said...

What a great list - number 2 and 3 especially have inspired me. I always say I want to cut down on the use of cling wrap in the kitchen....but then I always seem to forget (or get lazy) and go back to using it again. But you have motivated me now!