Monday, January 28, 2008

Call me Martha?

I am so tired after a big day, and I don't even know where to begin..

I am feeling very lost atm, well I don't even know if that word is the right one .. unfulfilled! There thats a better one.

I want more from my life, and I know with some perseverance I can get it.
Now I am not talking about a job, or something external from my home, I want my home to be tidy, warm, loving, I want to put good food on the table, I want to work on my sewing skills so I can sew clothes for the girls, for myself, cushion covers for the home, etc etc etc

I want to have a Martha Stewart makeover hehe

For the next however many years I am committed to raising my children, to providing a cosy, loving livable home environment for my family, being a homemaker is what I am, is what I will do till I once again seek work outside of the home. I am making the decision now to give it my all, really work hard, have pride in my home, have pride in my role as homemaker.

To achieve this is going to be hard work. I need to completely reorganise myself and my home. Need to change my approach to everything, but I can do it. Going to need a BIG kick up the bum, but I owe it to myself, to my children, to my husband to do this.

But for now .. I sleep


Lanne said...

Well no one would mistake me for martha stewart.. but if you need help.. if you need support.. if you just need someone to chat too.. If you need someone to help you wash windows/hold a baby (oh I could so hold your baby).. just let me know. :) If you need motivation or any kind of help... let me know :)

Bec said...

Oh Dee, I'm so hearing you. I also feel like I want to do it all. Be that inspiring person who enriches her children, bakes, sews, cleans, and makes it all look easy. Is it really possible though? Maybe it is...But anyway, just thought I'd let you know I struggle with this too. Some weeks I get some clothes made for the kids, and some scones baked, but then that often comes with leaving the kids watching too much tv, which I then feel bad about...

I guess it's all about getting a balance...if you ever find the magic formula let me know...:)

Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Oh man I hear you too ! I need a martha makeover too !

Stitch Sista said...

Gosh I know *just* what you are talking about. I've never lived in this type of mess my whole life!

The only thing I have absolutely perfected since having kids (and I was already pretty great at it beforehand) is procrastination.

These days the only things that get done are what absolutely have to. The rest of the time I just feel all the stuff piling up around me :(.

Good luck!