Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Big Clean

ok what we are going to get done today

  • Clean out fridge
  • Clean out Pantry (wipe down etc)
  • Clean up study, put away clothes, tidy desks.
  • Tidy Laurens room, put away nappies
  • Tidy our bedroom, change sheets
  • Clean bathrooms & tidy
  • Tidy lounge
  • Vacumn
  • Mop
*phew* thats all hehe

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So .. an update!

Well here it is.
FINALLY finished watching LOST, I am now all caught up with the US. End of season two .. all I will say is *BRAIN IMPLODES* .. just when you thought it couldn't f*&@ with your mind any further ... look what happpens!

Lauren is being Lauren. Mostly gorgeous, intelligent, funny, loving .. sometimes frustrating, annoying, tantrummy, but always my gorgeous girl.

Nappy changes are such a malarky that I have decided to start putting her in undies, and really encouraging potty/toilet use. I hadn't even said anything to her about it, but this morning after I took off her night nappy she asked for undies! Im trying to explain to her that if she wears undies she needs to try and use the potty/toilet for wees. We'll see how that goes.

What else ... I have done a couple of LO's, a couple here and here

Last week ( have been slack this week) I started doing a 30min yoga routine every day, was wonderful, have to not be slack and do it again today.
Have an appt with my ortho-bionomy/massage lady today, REALLY looking forward to it, ah 45min of bliss hehe

I *think* thats it. Oh have been Sim mad too, lots of drama happening in my sims lives ;)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I need to update

... that is all.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Everybody Jumping!

So Lauren just did a proper jump for the first time!! :D
Both feet off the ground at once. SHe has been doing almost jumps for a while, but this was a proper one .. YAY LAUREN!! :D :D

Just had our last day of swimming for the term, she goes up to the next class next term. The one where I sit on the sidelines, bit nervous about it to be honest hehe, at least it may mean I can get some good photos :)

So Damien didnt come to bed till after 3am, and slept in till 10.30. He was playing WoW till 2ish, and then watched first half of soccer, so I am going to go out and get eyebrows waxed this afternoon, have a few hours to myself. Looking forward to it. :)

ETA: What do y'all think of the new layout? :)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Another LO!

Ahh love this photo :)
Not 100% convinced this is finished....
ETA: Added in a black background with & without overlay, think I like black better :)

Inked overlay by Christine Smith
Photo Border "National Scrapping Day" freebie from Shabby Princess
Fonts: Garamond & Snowshoe

A LO! *gasp*

OMG thought the day would never come again :)
My ever fashionable daughter ;)
ETA: The more I look at it .. the more i HATE it, might have to redo it hehe

Fonts:MA Sexy & Charlemagne Std
Papers: Holly McCaig “Sweet on You”
Stiching: Shabby Princess “Shabby Stitches”
Flowers: Mindy Terasawa “Thank Heaven”
Sanded Overlays by Christine Smith


Its fricken cold today!
Luckily when one is cleaning up the house, one tends to keep warm. I keep telling this to lazy ass husband who is playing WoW and complaining of being cold! Hah! *grumble mumble bitch moan*

So we went out for breakfast this morning, our monthly treat. Was nice :) May have had somethign to do with the fact that because it was the end of pay month we had no food in the house .. just maybe ;)

Aiming to get house tidied up and looking nice today, and then also going grocery shopping, gah, at least it will be time to myself, last time I went I picked the longest queue and stood there reading a magazine hehe was bliss ;)

So I am putting on weight, I can see it, Damien can see it, even commented on it (not nastily) so I have downloaded some yoga dvd files stuff, and am planning on doing it daily, tried to do some last night HAH! impossible with the monkey, she isnt quite at the stage of sitting beside me and copying, more at the stage of climbing all over me. Maybe if it becomes part of my every day routine the novelty will wear off pretty quickly. Anyway enough dillydallying (dammit now have that theme song in my head "dont dillydally, somethign something, here comes sali mali and her little crow Jack Do!" btw found the website for this show (its on abckids, a pretty cool site for kid s actually click here)

Ok Im off like something that goes off.

Friday, June 16, 2006


very very bad headache.
Head is going to implode.
No panadol.

Can't watch LOST with a headache like this, wahhhhhhh

Self pity party for one here. oO
Hey I remember someone somewhere saying something about Lavender for headaches.
Might do a google search for natural remedies.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Ok so I downloaded Season 1 & 2 of LOST.
I am hooked .. uttterly addicted.
I haven't done any scrapping, even read scrapping forums, done much of anything else really, even Sims!!

I am up to Season Two - Episode 14 .. its soo mindboggling hehe
I love it :D
Averaging 2-4 episodes a day :|

Can't wait till I have finished, then I can get back to other stuff lol

Monday, June 05, 2006


When asked what her name is, or who that girl in the photo is Lauren has for a long time said "raura" always referring to herself as that.
Now (just started today) with a little prompting she corrects herself and says Lllllauren :D She really stops and thinks and works hard on pronouncing it correctly :D I know she has been able to say it for a while, but not without me saying it first :)

Going to have a nice afternoon, read some stories, do some craft, tidy up some.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

5am is too early to wake up

So Lauren has started waking at around 5am again *groan*
I think its the cooler weather because she was waking at 6/6.30 up until about a week ago.
She isnt going to bed till 7.30/8pm either, so its not cause she is going to bed early.
Her last couple of teeth are coming through, she has been super cranky/whingy girl. Hopefully she won't be like it all weekend or I may pack my bags and run away (not really, couldnt be away from her for that long ;))
Can't think of anything else to say, I'm sure I had more to say .. oh well.