Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So .. an update!

Well here it is.
FINALLY finished watching LOST, I am now all caught up with the US. End of season two .. all I will say is *BRAIN IMPLODES* .. just when you thought it couldn't f*&@ with your mind any further ... look what happpens!

Lauren is being Lauren. Mostly gorgeous, intelligent, funny, loving .. sometimes frustrating, annoying, tantrummy, but always my gorgeous girl.

Nappy changes are such a malarky that I have decided to start putting her in undies, and really encouraging potty/toilet use. I hadn't even said anything to her about it, but this morning after I took off her night nappy she asked for undies! Im trying to explain to her that if she wears undies she needs to try and use the potty/toilet for wees. We'll see how that goes.

What else ... I have done a couple of LO's, a couple here and here

Last week ( have been slack this week) I started doing a 30min yoga routine every day, was wonderful, have to not be slack and do it again today.
Have an appt with my ortho-bionomy/massage lady today, REALLY looking forward to it, ah 45min of bliss hehe

I *think* thats it. Oh have been Sim mad too, lots of drama happening in my sims lives ;)


anastasia_wolf said...

HOORAY for updates! And wow to the undies thing... good luck with that! We're pretty much 70/30 with nappy changes atm, 70% of the time she's happy to co-operate, 30% of the time it's EVIL. Keep us updated! :D ;)

fazzbech said...

I dunno where u get the time to play puter games Dee?! Gorgeous layouts, and as usual, GORGEOUS photos!! :o)