Monday, June 05, 2006


When asked what her name is, or who that girl in the photo is Lauren has for a long time said "raura" always referring to herself as that.
Now (just started today) with a little prompting she corrects herself and says Lllllauren :D She really stops and thinks and works hard on pronouncing it correctly :D I know she has been able to say it for a while, but not without me saying it first :)

Going to have a nice afternoon, read some stories, do some craft, tidy up some.



anastasia_wolf said...

best laid plans eh? ;) that's rally cool, Kira still calls herself "deera" most of the time, we occasionally get "keera" though. She likes saying "FELIT" though (for Felix).

Chris said...

YAY Dee that's good news with Lauren and her name saying. Hope the arvo went well sounds good....and when ya done come onover and tidy up my place pwease!!!!!!!

fazzbech said...

Ohhh, that's soooo cute!!

Nic and Beren said...

Oh what a smartie !

Lis said...

What a clever girl!! I love when they first start saying their names!

How's that LO coming along????

Anonymous said...

very clever!!

Heather said...

Excellent!! One lil clever girl you have there :)

Janie said...

Wow that's great Dee!

jkr2 said...

hi dee. found my way here from narelle's blog (cos she commented on mine lol).

anyway, that is very cute with lauren.

i just love it when they say their names.
quinn says his now and i melt every time. (and the other kids loving getting him to say their's - zsor zsor and parpar - hehe)