Friday, June 16, 2006


very very bad headache.
Head is going to implode.
No panadol.

Can't watch LOST with a headache like this, wahhhhhhh

Self pity party for one here. oO
Hey I remember someone somewhere saying something about Lavender for headaches.
Might do a google search for natural remedies.


katef said...

pressure point for headaches.. that fat fleshy muscley part between your thumb and forefinger... massage and press as hard as you can stand... works for me, but I don't get super bad headaches... hope it gets better soon!

_Dee_ said...

doh read this too late!

IT got worse, horrid horrid headache, worst I have ever had. Totally crippling.
Finally found some aspro clear, took it, then lay down in dark room for half an hour, headache gone .. THANK GOODNESS!!

Thanks Kate, will have to try and remember that.

Lis said...

Dab a bit of Lavendar oil on your temples too :)

_Dee_ said...

I couldnt find my lavender oil *wahhh*!
Must add that tos hopping list.