Saturday, June 17, 2006


Its fricken cold today!
Luckily when one is cleaning up the house, one tends to keep warm. I keep telling this to lazy ass husband who is playing WoW and complaining of being cold! Hah! *grumble mumble bitch moan*

So we went out for breakfast this morning, our monthly treat. Was nice :) May have had somethign to do with the fact that because it was the end of pay month we had no food in the house .. just maybe ;)

Aiming to get house tidied up and looking nice today, and then also going grocery shopping, gah, at least it will be time to myself, last time I went I picked the longest queue and stood there reading a magazine hehe was bliss ;)

So I am putting on weight, I can see it, Damien can see it, even commented on it (not nastily) so I have downloaded some yoga dvd files stuff, and am planning on doing it daily, tried to do some last night HAH! impossible with the monkey, she isnt quite at the stage of sitting beside me and copying, more at the stage of climbing all over me. Maybe if it becomes part of my every day routine the novelty will wear off pretty quickly. Anyway enough dillydallying (dammit now have that theme song in my head "dont dillydally, somethign something, here comes sali mali and her little crow Jack Do!" btw found the website for this show (its on abckids, a pretty cool site for kid s actually click here)

Ok Im off like something that goes off.


katef said...

don't dilly dally... don't shilly shally. here comes salli malli and her little pet jack daw.... grrrrrr now you have got me singing it and I am home alone!

Leah said...

sooooo Steve is level 60 now. All level 60's are
a) teenagers
b) neglectors


come and freeeze and play WoW with me Dee ... I can't entice the Lebel 60's back to get bingle's lost tools and it's lonely :D

Lis said...

I just brought a Yoga DVD off eBay! Should be fun!!