Friday, January 19, 2007

Another one :o

Very very simple, but I just couldnt do anything else with it.
Flower rub on - "Winter Chick" @ the ShabbyShoppe
Sanded overlay by Christine Smith

Gah! It needs a border, will do that tomorrow, too tired tonight.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Layout! :O


'Winter Chic' @ the ShabbyShoppe

Monday, January 15, 2007

Its about time

What with christmas, and pregnancy I just seem to not update.
I have no morning sickness, but i have alll day indigestion (no heartburn) which is mega frustrating, and the tiredness .. ohh the tiredness.

We just spent thur-sun up at the ILs, was nice, I got to relax a lot and just read (Mills & Boon lol) while the ILs or Damien entertained Lauren

Damien is back to work tomorrow, I am not looking forward to it :( I have really found it helpful having him at home to tend to Lauren (when she will let him)

I cannot wait for the 2nd trimester, surely this tiredness and crappy belly will have to ease off a bit?? Have Damien & ILs asking me when I'm going to the doctor .. what for? I say I'm not sick. I may make an appt soonish and get some blood tests just to check levels and stuff .. maybe .. and get a 12 weeks scan if I have any pointers to this being a double pregnancy. Lauren is still adamant that there are two babies in my belly.

Need to ring a midwife too *blush* Should really get moving on that.

Life is just plodding along. Nothing of excitement happening .. mores the pity!
Some recent photos of Lauren


Oh and a screenshot from Betty .. my 20inch iMac