Monday, January 15, 2007

Its about time

What with christmas, and pregnancy I just seem to not update.
I have no morning sickness, but i have alll day indigestion (no heartburn) which is mega frustrating, and the tiredness .. ohh the tiredness.

We just spent thur-sun up at the ILs, was nice, I got to relax a lot and just read (Mills & Boon lol) while the ILs or Damien entertained Lauren

Damien is back to work tomorrow, I am not looking forward to it :( I have really found it helpful having him at home to tend to Lauren (when she will let him)

I cannot wait for the 2nd trimester, surely this tiredness and crappy belly will have to ease off a bit?? Have Damien & ILs asking me when I'm going to the doctor .. what for? I say I'm not sick. I may make an appt soonish and get some blood tests just to check levels and stuff .. maybe .. and get a 12 weeks scan if I have any pointers to this being a double pregnancy. Lauren is still adamant that there are two babies in my belly.

Need to ring a midwife too *blush* Should really get moving on that.

Life is just plodding along. Nothing of excitement happening .. mores the pity!
Some recent photos of Lauren


Oh and a screenshot from Betty .. my 20inch iMac


Lis said...

Oh sorry to hear about your dad, but mega excited to read about your pregnancy!! Congratulations!!! Wishing you a blisful, healthy few months :)

Bruce said...

Glad to see you back in the blog worls... but you know better than to ask me about second trimester!
Still holding out that you are having twins since Shae isn't! LOL

Rae said...

Whoa Betty!!! :)

Anonymous said...

phew! She blogs! Darn it. this means I will have to as well as I was thinking "I'll blog when dee does......."