Sunday, October 22, 2006

Prayers/Positive thoughts needed for my Dad

My Dad only has one kidney, lost one to cancer when he was 18. He has been having problems for the last year and just yesterday has been diagnosed with secondary cancer of the remaining kidney.

They don't know where the primary cancer is. I only found out this afternoon when my brother rang me. It isnt sounding very good, but I am trying ot think positive, as is Dad. They are unsure of what course of action they are going to take from now, so its bascially a waiting game.

So if you could please spare a thought or a prayer for my dad it would be really appreciated

ETA: Its actually his liver that the secondary cancer is in, have recently found out that tha tis bad, I didnt want to accept how bad it is, yk, I . .just dont know what to think.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Give the people you love a big hug today, or let them know you love them.
Just because.

Life is precious.

*big hugs to you all*