Saturday, June 03, 2006

5am is too early to wake up

So Lauren has started waking at around 5am again *groan*
I think its the cooler weather because she was waking at 6/6.30 up until about a week ago.
She isnt going to bed till 7.30/8pm either, so its not cause she is going to bed early.
Her last couple of teeth are coming through, she has been super cranky/whingy girl. Hopefully she won't be like it all weekend or I may pack my bags and run away (not really, couldnt be away from her for that long ;))
Can't think of anything else to say, I'm sure I had more to say .. oh well.


Narelle said...

Dee I'm sooo gonna get on your case about photography. You have skill that's for sure!!!

It's funny that waking times change so dramatically for seemingly no reason hey. Jude is sleeping until 8 this past week. Only a month ago he was a 5amer too.

I put it down to the cold here.

Moi said...

I agree, Dee - I think you have such a flair for photography, I always love your photos (okay, so half the time it's because of the gorgeous subject, but also your skill!)

Lis said...

Awww, gorgeous photos!!!

fazzbech said...

Yup, 5am is darn early! Hope it settles again soon. Beautiful pics! I too agree about ur photography skills - you really have the knack!

anastasia_wolf said...

Look at Lauren holding the pen! She's so clever! :D And yes, you should be a photographer ;).