Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Makes me so cross!!

I would love to let Lauren run around the park with no shoes on.
I wish that I didnt have to make her wear shoes.
I have already found glass in the park directly opposite our place, today we went to the park on the other side, found 2 broken beer bottles right near the childrens play equipment!
Makes me so damn angry!!! I cleared up as much of it as I could, what if a child was running around with no shoes on!! GRRRR!!!

On a funnier note, Lauren 'helped' me make brownies this afternoon, she helped stir, and all the way through kept asking "eat it?" but I said not yet itll be yucky, but right when it was all mixed up and ready to go into the tin thingy, I relented.
Here is the outcome *lol*


Nic and Beren said...

Yucko about the glass ! But god you have a park across the road - Im so jealous :-)

Cute chocolate face, Beren did a similar thing today when making apple muffins, he kept dipping his finger in.

Anonymous said...

LOL looks yummy!

Melanie said...

Did any brownie mix actually get baked? :) My kids think that's the best part of making brownies - licking the batter off the mixer and bowl!

Looks like baby had a fun time helping!


Heather said...

Oohhh that would make me sooo angry about the glass, too!!

Absolutely ADORE the photos of your little with chocolate all over her face!! Too cute!!!

Lis said...

Isn't it frustrating that hooligans can't at least leave the parks alone for the littlies..grrr!

GORGEOUS photos! Too cute! Can't wait to see those scrapped!

fazzbech said...

I used to lurve poking my finger into the bowl when Mum baked - now I'm the one doing the baking, and err, I still love it! ;o) Funny pics!

Lisa said...

LOL my husband and I fight over the mixing bowl!!! Imagine when we have kids.. it will be an all-out war!! ROTFL

Gorgeous pics ;)
And grrr about the park!! How annoying