Monday, May 08, 2006


My poor blog has totally been neglected.
I haven't even been keeping up with everyone elses blogs *gasp*
Im so slack.

I have been scrapping madly though!
Finished this for mothers day, going to make a mini album.
Credit: Minda Terasawa's "Sonoran Sunrise" @

Also here and here and here and here

*phew* hehe

In other news, Lauren has a Big Girls Bed, although don't expect her to stay in it all night, just easing her into it :)

She also has 2 '2 yr molars' comign through, well one has just broken through the other is bulging, after the bulging one has come through, only one to go and she is all finished! :D (well until the other ones come in but I don't remember those hurting)

Well thats enough drivel for one night.
Berry tired.


Anonymous said...

Love your new layouts, do you print each LO out like that? or each part of it seperately and then paste them together?
Congrats to Lauren and her big girls bed! (love the soaker she is wearing too- gosh, I'm obsessed!)

Leah said...

Oh wow, they are sooo beautiful!

Leah said...

heheh had to click back to look at the soaker, watermelon?? :) And is that the tshirt I dyed? :) Very groovy baby there!

Lis said...

Wondered why your blog had been sooo quiet ;-)
Great layouts Dee!!
Yay for the big girls bed, so exciting when they go into them, hey!!!

Bin Mitch's Mum said...

Love the bed :) I've spent the last couple of months in big boy bed and it's very comfy ;)

Chris said...

Love the LO's Dee gorgez and great MD gifts as well. Lauren has a big girls bed now wow. I can remember back to those days *sigh* loads of fun to have!