Friday, January 27, 2006

Our time away

was wonderful :) Lauren & I spent sun/mon/tues down the coast with stacey, jake & Kira. the girls had a ball, and it was soo soo nice to spend time with stacey, to catch up, to talk, to just be :)

a quick disclaimer, the right hand shift key on my keyboard doesnt work, so some words will have capital letters, some won't, its mighty annoying. My questions marks will be / sometimes, and my exclamation marks will be 1

I have lots of housework to do today, and after this post I will do myself up a list like Leah does, so you can all hold me accountable for it :)

we are going up the coast this weekend to stay with the ILs, they haven't seen Lauren for a while, and damien & I are hoping we can get out to a movie on saturday afternoon and they can look after Lauren, we'll see how Lauren goes :) I can hear suspicious noises coming from down inthe lounge room, I better investigate.

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