Monday, February 06, 2006


I am now running Linux, well to be more precise htttp://

Its so pretty ;)

I still have xp installed as I cannot play Sims2 on linux, and I will go back to xp to do some things.

I have been wanting to play with it for a while, as Microsoft suck, and well Linux is free and open source and not Microsoft. The cincher for me was that Microsoft are not letting you do windows updates unless you have a valid key, and ...

Ubuntu has pretty much everything I need already installed, installing things is .. interesting, going to take a while to learn how to do it all, but its something I want to do.

Has some funky games, even has tetris, zomg thats a sure way to waste time (like I need help with that anyway)

Not entirely sure where this post has gone, kinda turned into a rambly ramble :P

The other day did get better, but saturday night sucked. AH well, the joys of parenting.


Sif said...

What happens to all the stuff I have stored on my computer if I install this Ubuntu? Do you lose all your files etc. Should they be backed up and removed?

_Dee_ said...

It is an operating system so needs to be installed in its own partition.

If you want to do it I reccommend backing everything up, and creating a fresh new partition that is away from your windows stuff, keep windows installed so you have that to fall back on should you need it.

I had another hdd in my pc so I installed Ubuntu on that so it was completely separate from windows.

I am by no means an expert, and it was fairly easy to install, but you do need to know the basics of stuff *lol* Yes well technical terms :P

loz said...

Dee will be keeping out an eye to see how you like Ubuntu I have been seriously considering putting Linux on ours with windows in the other partition simply because alot of viruses etc are written for windows

katef said...

My Dad is using Ubuntu at the moment too and raves about it.... but it is all a bit to complex for me and I am mildy laniced at the thought of screwing up my computer right when I need it most... but I am certainly interested!.. Maybe if I get more memory?

HipbubbyMama said...

Hey Dee

That's interesting about Linux - I've considered running it before, however I worry about not being able to use my fave programs. I'd have to do the partition thing I guess. How much HD space do you need? Do programs like Microsoft office run on Linux(I'm guessing, not?) What about Photoshop etc? Is it easy to use? I always thought Linux was for programmers & hard core geeks....