Monday, February 27, 2006

Were I am At

I was in a bit of mopey/sad mood last night.
AF arrived only 4 days after ovulating, which means my luteal phase is shot to hell, which means I need a bit of help to conceive.

I was sitting on the loo last night, moping about the blood I was wiping away when I thought to myself, you have a choice, you can mope around and be sad at the lost opportunity, or you can enjoy your time with Lauren and do something about helping your body out.

So I chose the latter. Although I needed to grieve the lost opportunity, being all sad and mopey about wasn't helping anyone :)

So I am ordering some Vitex today to see if that helps lengthen the luteal phase, I would love to go to a naturopath but I really can't afford it :( Vitex is only $12 for 60 capsules

Im not sure I want a december baby either, so next cycle can be just to get it back on track (although it can take 3-6 months(if not longer)) I think I will also go get some blood tests to check hormone levels.

So thats me. Well part of me.
My daughter is continuing to amaze me every day, with both her actions and her words, I swear at least 2 new words a day :) I love her.

Here is a LO I did yesterday, an action shot hehe


katef said...

Well you are a better woman than I am because I most often than not choose to mope!:) I hope the vitex does the trick and things are back on track asap!

Leah said...

Must be so frustrating!! I really hope the Vitex does it's job and you conceive your next bub ASAP! (not not for decemeber! :))

anastasia_wolf said...

*hugs* sounds like an excellent attitude to have! :D Here's hoping the Vitex works quickly ;).

fazzbech said...

Mope away - you're entitled to it every now and then! I hope you get your wish soon. :)

Lis said...

I can empathise..I am in a similar situation..hope the Vitex does the trick, I've heard it can do wonders :)