Wednesday, March 01, 2006


We have been having some wet weather this last weekish.
Ants have invaded our house, they are everywhere, its drivign me batty, I swear I can feel them crawling on me.

I just went around spraying a heap of them with my orange power multi-purpose spray, it kills them dead so who needs to use fly spray!

Also went aroudn outside the house with baby powder hopefully killing them and breaking their trail (the powder at least came in useful for something (was a gift))

So yeah pissed off at the ants .. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Started Chaste Tree tablets this morning :)


Chris said...

Poor Dee,

We have ants everywhere here too and they get into everything but I figure that I'm hoping for some rain and the little dudes might just disappear and move into someone else's house for

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Chris (DSH)

Chris said...

P.S I'll add you too mine as well if that's ok!!!


anastasia_wolf said...

Argh I hate ants, I feel your pain ;).