Sunday, March 19, 2006

Barbie ...

Yes I bought a barbie for Lauren.
I feel like such a hypocrite.
I have been saying for ages, I won't buy her one until she really really wants one ..
Well my friend Kim & her daughter Imogen were over a few weeks ago, Imogen brought over some of her barbies, Lauren loved them.

This morning while walking through Coles I see barbies for $4.99, I couldn't resist, I got her a brown haired one though .. :P

She LOVES her, carried her around with this sweet little smile on her face, kept stroking her hair, and brushing it, making her dance, it was gorgeous to see. She even had a bath with her .. funny story. I took her clothes of (the barbie's) and put her in the bath, Lauren sees her boobies "B's! B's!" and pretends to suck out of them PMSL! Was so funny.

She even had to take her to bed, then again she took Damien's Jean Luc Picard 'doll' to bed today too ;)

So yeah, Im currently having a bit of a digiscrapping splurge, so expect some LO's to appear soon :)


Narelle said...

Oh no, I wrote a bit reply to this last night and it's missing!

Anyway, welcome to barbiesville. You'll be watching Barbie DVDs with the best of us soon. :o)

anastasia_wolf said...

HAHAHAHA! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! (@ barbie's boobies...)

Leah said...

Barbie is a mainstay round here, I like her a lot so I don't mind :) The funny thing is, we lost the only "traditonal" looking Barbie, can't find it come hell or hig water ... so we have one I call Oprah and one I call Selma (after S. Hayak) and this big ugly soft toy one!! :)