Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Of Course!

Lauren's latest catch phrase. *giggle*
Damien was looking for her toothbrush the other night when bathing her, I told him where it was and Lauren was pointing at it too, he said something along the lines of "oh Lauren knew where it was all along" Lauren then responded "Of Course!" hehehe its the funniest thing, I'll have to get it on video.

Had a crap night last night, she woke a squillion times, so I'm tired today, just hoping she doesn't push too many buttons. Will have to make sure I go out today.

I was going to take some screenshots of my WoW girlies, but they had a big patch last night so its downloading now. So here are some photos of myother girly :)


Nic and Beren said...

Aww very cute pics. Is that one with her finger in her nose? LOL

Lis said...

Gorgeous photos!! She's such a cutey!!
I hear you on the sleep thing...what is it with this sudden lack of sleep...maybe a stage thing too??!! Hope you have a better night tonight.

anastasia_wolf said...

Oh you too Dee? See my blog for what I ended up doing.

Your girl is such a cutey, but you knew that ;).

Anonymous said...

That girl is all class Dee!!! No wonder her and Abbi are such good friends ;)


Kristie said...

*ROFL* I just love the wink and the beads! HOw fantastic! such a cutie!!

HipbubbyMama said...

Oh excellent photos! Love the beads :)

As for sleep-my two sleep-but getting them to bed at night is another thing entirely *rolls eyes*

Rae said...

Love the spunky shot of her winking. Gorgeous!!!

fazzbech said...

Hmmm, crap nights seem to be making their way around lately! Hope it settles for you.

Love the finger up nose pic! Very lady-like! hehe