Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My WoW Girlies

As requested :)

Gillena is my lvl 49 Human Paladin, she is my first character so I have a soft spot for her :)
Aranel is my lvl 28 Night Elf Warrior, she KICKS ASS, I wub her, she is also damn sexy
Gillagi is my wee lvl 4 Gnome Mage, soon to be on a whirlwind adventure with Leah


Rae said...

Have no idea what you're on about LOL :) not one for computer games but they look like top chicks!

Juz said...

You complete dork! :D

I bet my Untold Legends characters could take on your WoW girlies though :giggle:

I wish I'd been able to play Guild Wars too. Those characters look fantastic.

fazzbech said...

Ummmmm, ok, they look, ummmm, interesting! I too have no idea (can't u tell?) ;o)

Lis said...

I hear a few people talking about this must be addictive..but yet I still have no idea what it!!

Leah said...

AH can't wait to WoW with ya ... do you know you and Damien are the closest thing me and Steve have to a "friends" couple??? LOL I wish we lived in the same state!

Anyway, once this mad week is over, I'll be on ya server questing my little heart out.

katef said...

oh they look like some bad assed warrior women! he he he with you and Leah raving on about it I am almost tempted... but I sooo don't have time to get addicted to WOW!

Heather said...

that first photo looks like a character from Everquest! I used to play those games looong time ago! They are fun :)