Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dribble dribble

Time for some dribble ;)
I just ate a delish egg & lettuce sandwich, mixed some yummo whole egg mayo in with 2 boiled eggs, added some garlic & curry powder, slopped onto bread .. munch munch munch .. except now my belly is saying "Arghhh why did you feed me bread!?" much like it was at lunch time after I ate a bowl of Cold Rock icecream .. mmm ferrero rocher, mmm choc mint .. mmmm

Just finished playing WoW with hubby dearest, we were starting to get snippy with each other so thought it wise to take a break, its REALLY laggy tonight anyway so bit painful.

My little monkey is so scrumptious, even though she is really whiney at the moment, I am just loving this stage (don't we love all the stages ;)) Her vocab is so amazing *happy sigh* I love talking to her. Can't wait for her to talk in proper sentences *beam*

Had a good day today, went to the park this morning, had a blast :D Damien revisted his childhood by climbing up the big climbing thing

Lauren also had a ball, but was ready to go when I suggested it was time to go home, started walking off down the path lol

Ok time for some photos :)


anastasia_wolf said...

Awww I love reliving childhood hehe! (Did you have to mention the Cold Rock woman? Now my choc craving has come back gah!)

Narelle said...

Oh it's just fantastic when you start to have full blown conversations. That is THE best.

Rae said...

Damien looked like he was having as much fun as Lauren! Love the pink and brown colour scheme too by the way. :) It's very lush and chocolatey..a coincidence?

anastasia_wolf said...

OOh had to post again... LOVE the new look!

Nic and Beren said...

Oh yeah, the toddler chatter is so deliciously cute ! Your going to love that stage.

Lis said...

Great photos Dee!! Sounds like a wonderful morning. Good on Damien for being a kid for a while :)
Lauren sounds adorable...and I too LOVE this stage :)

Heather said...

Lovely new theme you have here for your blog! Just love those colors :)

As always.. you take wonderful photos!!