Sunday, March 05, 2006

Rain, Rain, Rain

Loving the rain, its keeping things nice and cool :)
Although I wish Lauren had gumboots and a rain coat so she could run around in it and splash in puddles for longer.

OVER the ants, came home to millions. Followed their trail out of the house, along the house, over some grass, up the neighbours fence, along a palm frond and off into the distance .. BILLIONS of the little black bastards. *rants & raves* I filled their entry hole with baking soda, hope that keeps them away for a while.

I am trying to sweet talk damien into letting me either foster kittens from RSPCA or adopt 2 kittens from RSPCA. I have gotten to "think about it"

He didn't grow up with pets, so doesn't really know what he is demanding I give up. But he is getting there, getting closer to realising how much they mean to me.

Well I have a house to clean and unfort its not going to clean itself.

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