Friday, March 31, 2006

More game screenshots

I haven't been very scrapbookly inspired, so here are some screenshots of both Sims2 & World of Warcraft ;)

First off, I created yet another Sim!HamwoodFamily :) Its so hard to get them looking like us, I'm not very good at it ;) Sim!Lauren & Sim! Deana up first, then Sim!Damien on our .. err I mean their new block of land, the house is now built with the help of .. err .. money goddesses .. thaty may or may not be called "Cheats".

Now for WoW, Wytchhazel & Gillagi, soon to be embarking on kick assery together :)
I should probably lighten these images but can't be naffed.


Narelle said...

That looks like you dee. Don't know about lauren. Not cute enough. and i've never met damien. Does her really wear grey cardigans?

Heather said...

too cool!!! Sims can be soo fun!! :)

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