Thursday, May 10, 2007


Am heading up to Harvey Norman to get mothers day presents printed. Will pop into the library and return unsuitable books, and get new ones, this time I will read them first.

Damien took Lauren to the library on Sunday, she picked out two books, Damien didn't read them and just got them out.. Now Lauren obviously cannot pick books for their story content, so yeah they are going back!

The slice was YUMMMMMY, I ate way too much lol

Lauren's cough still sounded icky, but it sounds like it might be breaking up a bit, so hopefully the cough syrup is doing its work :)
Must off and get ready!


anastasia_wolf said...

Hehe yes get some books that aren't weird! Glad you liked the slice recipe! :D

And yay to beating cold, mine is still hanging on!

Chris said...

I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday Dee. Hehehe on eating too much slice but if it's yummy then what the heck!
Hoping Lauren's cough is getting better and that it soon disappears.