Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blessed but Sad

Two wonderful friends of mine came over today.
One I don't see nearly enough of, I wish she was closer so that I could just pop over for a visit without having to plan it out. Even though an hour really isn't that long, it turns into a BIG day for both me & Lauren.
The other I wish I had more time to spend with as she is moving away! *woe*

Stacey & Mer and their lovely children came over today to visit with us. The kids had a ball (mostly) playing together and sharing picnic lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed just hanging out with two wonderful women, it just felt so *easy* never a stilted conversation, it was like we met every thursday for a catchup.

I'm bloody exhausted now lol, but it was a lovely lovely day, hopefully my girl is worn out enough to go to sleep easily tonight! I don't fancy picking up after the trio though lol, I think that might wait until tomorrow.

SO thank you Mer & Stacey for a wonderful day :) Wish we could do it more often and regularly.


anastasia_wolf said...

Thank you for hosting! We had a lovely day too, Kira was telling me about Luca being sad but adding "Kira sad too!" LOL. My feral took ages to get to sleep, hope yours is playing nicer!

And it was SO lovely to see you guys, I feel exactly the same way as you :(.

mer said...

I feel the same!
I am going to miss you so much when I leave.
It's true I feel like we meet every week.

And we loooove the soaker Stacey, it is so so cute! When my husband runs fibres between his fingers and says "Gee it's soft, and smells good", you know it's something special!

Hey Dee we did take off without picking up after the three - sorry!

"Mer sad too!"