Tuesday, November 13, 2007

There goes another Tuesday

Bit of a sucky day .. think I know why I have been so short tempered lately ... pretty sure I have started my periods today OH JOY, I had a suspicion I had them at 7 weeks post partum and that it wasnt still Lochia, and my moods the last few days and well other signs point to it returning .. darnit! They returned at 7 weeks with Lauren too. HMMPH

So another late night as its so much easier to get housework done when both kids are in bed, but I also like to have some uninterrupted me time, which leaves me doing housework starting at 10.30 as I don't put Anya into bed till about 9ish!

Lauren is getting a cold *woe* Poor love, I just knew there had to be a reason she was waking more at night, although when wearing her tinkerbell singlet to bed tonight she tried to convince me that the cold was all gone! and that she wouldnt get too cold! I think by the time lights went out though she had worked out she was cold as she finally agreed to put a long sleeved top on!

Just to remind myself that I have stuff I NEED to do tomorrow

  • Tidy computer room floor
  • Mop tiles
  • Vacumn
That should do it!
My sleeping beauty


Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Oh gorgeous picture. Its so hard to get housework done with two kids hey, god 10:30 I'm in bed, LOL

fazzbech said...

Ahhh, never get tired of seeing gorgeous bubba's sleeping! She looks so peaceful *gush*

katef said...

oh gorgeous sleeping bubba.... and ack on your cycles returning... I am hoping for at least 10 months this time!

Peta said...

Aww Dee she is just so cute!! I'm siting here trying to remember Lauren at that age - but drawing a blank - Does Anya look anything like Lauren at that age?