Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another night away

Lauren spent her second night away from us last night :) Staying with my MIL again, she had her first night away same time last week and went fine (cant't remember if I blogged about it ..)
I didn't hear anything so I'm assuming she went just as fine last night :)
Was nice to not have to be getting her off to bed last night, or being woken at 4.30 am by her, but I still miss her :) BUT it is nice to enjoy Anya cuddles guilt free, without having to divide my time btwn the two :) I think we both get a lot out of it, Lauren is always keen to go, not so keen to come home! I keep telling myself its because she is well bonded & attached to me .. right?

Can't believe the change in weather, Anya was in a wondersuit last night! Brrrr (well brrr for us in qld ;)) but this rain is gorgeous, keeps the temperature nice and cool, prefer it over hot and muggy!

SO I didn't really do much off my list yesterday, but I did accomplish a lot, thanks to Rach I am using these MotivatedMoms daily checklists, I am finding them very helpful. basically it has a list of daily tasks, and then it has a weekly list, each day of the week has different tasks and its spread over a year, so things like clean front of dishwasher, clean microwave, mop floors, etc.

I find it really good to be able to break things down like that, rather than going "i have to mop floors, vacumn, the rooms need tidying, gosh need to do the loos, and the laundry and and and" so even if the entire house isnt spotless I know that I have achieved *something*.

I think I have come to accept that I am not going to totally get on top of the house, it is never going to be completely in order all the time, but as long as I check off as many things from the list that I can, and add my own things to attempt to do, making sure that the dishes are done and dishwasher stacked,kitchen bench cleared and wiped down, tiles swept each night before I go to bed, I will feel much better. It sucks waking up to a messy kitchen.

So without further ado, my list for today (adding the things I didnt do yesterday and the things off my MotivatedMoms list)

  • Tidy up surfaces in computer room
  • Tidy up surfaces in Laurens room
  • Clean bath and showersJust gave quick once over with elcheapo bathroom cleaning mitt
  • Clean bathroom mirrorsDitto the above

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fazzbech said...

Oh, I'm always sneaking in cuddles when Caleb isn't looking, though he also gets plenty of his own too!

I agree that the kids just love being away every now and then, and it's good for them too! But yeah, I miss them heaps when they're gone.

I decided long ago that I would never get completely on top of things. Even if you did finish, you'd just have to start all over again!