Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The ONE night I want to watch something on TV (house) bedtime goes to shite, so I am with Anya till 9 and telling Lauren to please go to bed while I am feeding/rocking Anya, and then I go in with Lauren to get her off to sleep after putting A down ... GAH!!
Please tell me that she will let Damien do the bedtime thing soon .. one day .. .before she leaves home??

An ok day, got a fair bit accomplished, its amazing what I can get done when Anya sleeps for an hour in her bouncer!

Computer room floor isnt done, well its half done, but got vacuuming & mopping done! WOOT!

Lauren has a 'catch-cold' atm (her word for it) so have been giving her lots of Vit C and also got her to drink some Olive Leaf Extract in some juice today :D So hopefully she will kick this cold quicksmart!

Ok I am determined to get the computer room floor cleaned up and also do the normal kitchen/sweep stuff.


fazzbech said...

Our days are certainly LONG! Mine starts at around 6:30/7am and often doesn't finish until 10pm too! I did less hours when I worked full time in a paid job...but I wouldn't trade it for anything! LOL

Bec said...

How silly am I? I only just realised you had a blog - I've been enjoying reading through it! I hope Lauren is feeling better now. I've heard really great things about olive leaf extract (not that I've ever been able to get Lee is take it...)

Speak to you soon!

Stitch Sista said...

Anya is gorgeous Dee...hope you guys are travelling well...