Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another day another ..something

Woke up to rain this morning, glorious rain.
BUT that means I have to drive damien to the train station as he can't cycle to work when its like this, too dangerous. Fingers crossed Anya is ok about that.

Today's to-do

  • Tidy up surfaces in computer room
  • Tidy up surfaces in Laurens room
  • Clean microwave
  • Grocery shopping
Will pick up some cheap weekly dvds as its 'cheap tuesday' FORGOT!

Have just taken D to train station, Anya started to get upset on way home but thankfully took the dummy! WOOT so was calm the rest of the trip.

Oh and my mum is moving back to NZ in a couple of months, maybe less :( :( :( :(
Mum and I are very close, it just breaks my heart that she is leaving, I am going to miss her sooooooo much. I am also so so sad for my girls, they are going to miss out on really knowing her, as Lauren wont remember all this time she has spent with her and well Anya is a baby and hasnt seen her much. So going from seeing her once or twice a fortnight to once or twice a year :( I keep getting myself all upset when I think about it. The main reason she is going is to get away from the heat and her rhumatoid arthrits (which is giving her a lot of pain at the moment) goes awaty when she is in NZ, so its about quality of life and i can understand that, but it hurts :(


Lanne said...

Awww Dee I was so sad for all of you when I read that your Mum is going back. She is just lovely and will be missed by all of you... get her set up with a web camera and make sure you catch up regularly...

Big hugs!

Rachael said...

*HUGS* about your mum moving back. I agree with about, get your mum organised with a webcam. My mom is in Germany and we *try* and get her when Matty is awake so they can see eachother. Take it easy *hugs*