Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Aargh cranky mummy lately, especially when being woken at 5am by a demanding cranky little girl who so obviously needs more sleep.

I have been feeling rather stretched lately, the housework has been piling up and Lauren seems very full on, wanting me to spend a lot of time for her which I can understand but I just feel way too .. overwhelmed? Thankfully MIL is taking Lauren for the day, and hopefully for the night! Will give us both a break from each other and I can focus on Anya & housework without feeling guilty about neglecting Lauren.

Finally getting Laurens playroom tidy and the big 50Lplastic container that is filled with 'stuff', getting that sorted out, throwing out the junk and sorting the rest into where its supposed to be.

Bought a second hand hutch dresser from St Vinnies on friday, I think its from the 70s hehe it is being delivered today (I think) its going in the computer room to store all the clutter that makes this room look so messy, looking forward to being able to close doors on the mess. Was a huge $50.
Got a heap of good stuff some perfect condition clothing, a handful of book (including The Monster at the End of this Book (with Grover) love this book), the board game trouble (has some pieces missing but still playable) and an awesome strap on dressup dragons/dinosaur tail, PERFECT condition I think they retail for $30ish .. I'm sure the woman at StV miscalculated, they were having a sale but .. I got all that for $6!!!

Anya is delightful, such a smiley chatty baby :) Lauren is actually behaving pretty well, she is just too much sometimes I feel like I am being smothered.

Ok some photos:


katef said...

oh so glad you are getting a break... everything will look better after some space! *hugs*

Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Awwww your girls are so gorgeous.
Love the pictures, especially the thumb sucking one.

Wow, excellent Vinnies bargains !!

And I love that Grover book too, reminds me of being a kid and mum reading it to me. I found it at an opshop too and was so excited, LOL