Thursday, November 08, 2007

Asleep before 7!

Yup Lauren was!!
She hasn't been asleep before 7pm in MONTHS, I just put Anya into bed too (8.38pm) so ahh its nice :)
MIL was over today pulling lots of weeds, Lauren helped her, so very cute, MIL bought her some kiddy sized gardening gloves which Lauren thought were just so awesome. I am starting to accept MIL doing the gardening as a good thing, Damien & I are both useless gardeners, never weed etc etc, I used to get a bit .. antsy about MIL doing it, like it made us look bad (which I guess it does but there are more important things I like to focus my attention on rather than the garden.) so now I just accept it as help, and thank her for it.
I do know that she doesn't expect me to do it, rather that she wants Damien to step up and do it, which is just not going to happen, she finds it hard to accept that Damien is just not interested in gardening, FIL has always helped around the house, helped with the upkeep and the gardens & lawns, but hasn't passed it down to his sons, I think maybe if they had been more involved with it all at a young age it may have been better, but don't know if Damien is going to change any time soon.

Didn't really have a list of things to do today (apart from the MM (Motivated Moms) one) but I got a few things done that were annoying me so I just did them, tidied the plastics cupboard, seriously .. how do I lose lids??? and tidied and wiped down the top of the fridge, I had an empty baking paper box up there ... ??? Hoping to mop before I go to bed so it can dry over night, so before bed I just have the usual things to do, do dishes, load dishwasher/put on, wipe down benches, sweep tiles and tonight mop. Might give the bathroom sinks a wipe down as well, its one of the daily MM jobs and it really does help and feels nice to have a clean sink daily. (ETA: WOOT all done :) Heading to bed for sleepy byes now (10pm))

Ok enough rambling, some recent photos :)
These two are from today and crack me up .. poor Anya hehe


Rae said...

he he
Brilliant shots!! :)

Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Oh Anya is so cute ! Lovely pics.