Friday, November 09, 2007

Just cause I have to

I have been thinking of things to blog, and now its late and I'm tired and I'm having trouble thinking of them!

We had a big day today, out all day! Visited a friend this morning, and then my mum this afternoon.
Breaks my heart when Anya cries in the car, she was asleep the way to my friends, but on the way to mums she cried for about 8mins and then fell asleep .. :( :( :( my baby gave up, I REALLY don't know how people can do this on purpose???

She was a bit upset when we left mums (she *was* asleep and woke when I put her in the car dammit, she used to transfer wonderfully ... not so much anymore it would seem) thankfully she calmed and went back to sleep, waking when we got home and getting herself really upset in the 2min it took me to get her out of the car, poor love was SO tired, she didn't nap very well today.
Hoping we have a good nights sleep. (don't we always hope this??)

Mum gave me a bag of 'stuff' that she found when cleaning up that she thought I or Lauren might like, haven't been through it yet. Things to remember her by, or that Lauren liked when she went over. *sigh* Am trying really hard not to think about what its going to be like when Mum has moved, and just flow with it, take each day as it comes. Not borrow trouble.

Gah this afternoon I really felt like I was swimming upstream, why must some evenings/nights be easy and relaxed, and others be a battle! It was a calm battle, but SO frustrating, Lauren was so tired but just did not want to stop doing stuff! I tried to be patient (and mostly succeeded) but I must have sounded so whiney.

Ok for someone who had nothing to say I sure say a lot, got some photos at mums I will have to get off her when she gets back, if she doesn't get them off her camera before she goes (she is flying to NZ on Sunday to look a houses)

Bedtime now, first something to eat, and then summon the energy from somewhere to do the dishes/cleanup kitchen & sweep!

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katef said...

ah I almost cried for you when I read your Mum was moving to NZ. When my parents moved to the UK I thought it was no big deal, I was grown up, married, living on the other side of the city... sure I'd miss them but it wouldn't break my heart... oh I was SO wrong. I missed them so much more than I ever thought I would... so HUGE hugs!