Thursday, December 13, 2007


Lauren is off to the MILs today/tonight!!
I do love her very very much, but woohoo!! Its damn good to get a break :)
Felt like all I heard yesterday was 'mama come play with me', which I did try and do, but was feeling very stretched!

In the new year I am going to look into kindermusic for Lauren so that she has some interaction with someone other than just me :) She will also go back into swimming lessons and have these days with her Babka.

Poor Miss A :( She has a bit of a snotty nose and last night was awful :( I couldnt get her to stay asleep each time I put her down she would wake up crying ended up finding the FESS and clearing her nose a bit, I have never seen her this upset :( :( she was soooo tired. Eventually hopped into bed with her with me sitting upright supported by pillows, of course I can't sleep very well this way, she was very restless and kept crying out and letting out farts .. so now I think it was also wind! Gah! Around 12ish (I think) I was able to put her down beside me in the bed and I went to sleep (TG). She seems a little warm this morning and still a bit snotty, but has gone down for a nap. She is certainly happy enough though :)

Doh! Just realised I am supposed to be getting Lauren some weetbix *lol* Got distracted when MIL rang to ask to have Lauren .. best go feed the poor girl ;)

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