Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cup of tea on a sunday morning

Ahhh, nevermind that it had to be reheated .. ahhh hehe

The last couple of days when I have been sitting rocking *squeak* rocking Anya in the rocking chair to get her to sleep, she has thrashed around a bit, so today when she wouldn't settle and was thrashing I took her to our bed and wrapped her bottom half and lay next to her, she started sucking her thumb, I stroked her head and patted her (front of nappy) and OMG she went to sleep.. I am SO not used to a baby doing that *lol* Lauren only ever did that maybe once, so lets hope Anya lets me do that every sleep! Although I also hope I can hold her sleeping still every now and then.

I *should* be tidying up right now, restacking dishwasher, cleaning up kitchen & lounge room. BUT this cup of Chai is going down quite nicely :)OH and I have 2 baskets of washing to fold (FINALLY bought another basket, not quite up to 5 though L ;))

Damien & Lauren are hunting for monsters, armed with a torch and plastic bags *lol* Lauren loves hunting for monsters with Daddy, not really sure how it started nor what happens to the monsters once they are caught??!!

Well she woke after 10 minutes.. ah well its a start lol, had to rock *squeak* rock her back to sleep in chair

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Nic,Beren & Freya said...

Oh this is exactly what happened with Freya. I used to always rock her in our chair, then she was about 10 months and started hating it. Now she lies down and pops her thumb, or dummy in.

Glad that you got to have a nice break for 5 mins at least, LOL