Monday, December 17, 2007

Goals for the week

Instead of saying I have SO much to do today, I'm going to give myself a week so I feel less pressure :) House is AWFUL at the moment and my moods are suffering for it.

So, things I need to get done by the end of the week:

  • Fold & put away all laundry10.48Mon (there wasnt much)
  • Tidy up 'stuff' from in computer room4.20ish Wed, another ongoing task, but I am happy with what I got tidied up in here
  • Tidy up clothes on floor in laurens room10.45 Mon
  • Tidy up 'stuff'' on floor in Bedroom .. move bedroom around, clean out nappy drawersHalfway through, bed & cot moved into new position, 'stuff' from bedrooom in big pile in hallway & computer room, time for break 4.55pm THurs
  • Clean out fridge11.35pm Tue
  • Clean out pantry (eeeep big job)
  • Tidy up Laurens play room
  • Attempt to empty some of the boxes mum has brought around, sort stuff out to keep/throw out/st vinnies
  • Fix hole in Damiens bike shorts and shorten hotslings pouch3.20pm Wed

  • Tidy lounge & vacuum12ishMon, 8.20amish thurs

  • Tidy kitchen11pm Tue, I want to keep it tidy every night before bed, I was getting so good at that but have let it slide

*phew* some biggish jobs in there, so I have a week people! Lets see if I can get it done before then!

I want to get laundry, laurens room and fridge done today.

Had an ok weekend, I was cranky bitch yesterday, tired, house getting me down. Had lunch with mum, she leaves for NZ on thursday :( Seeing her for the last time before she goes on Tuesday *sigh*

Am finding Lauren really challenging atm, the not listening, ignoring me finding it hard to keep my cool. I had a realisation that I don't always listen to her, that sometimes I fob her off so I am trying to model listening and paying attention by doing the same to her. Tis hard though when she won't do the simplest thing, need to borrow the book "how to talk so your children will listen, and listen so they will talk"


Nic,Beren & Freya said...

(Hugs) Hope Lauren passes through that phase soon.

Housework is just neverending hey?

loz said...


Rae said...

Having the same problem with Noah. Might check out that book too. (HUGS) for the crankiness.

fazzbech said...

Oh boy, I don't envy that list, but I do hope you get there! I understand it getting you down, as it gets to me sometimes, but always feel good after a tidy up!

Rachael said...

Your list is looking great! :)